Patti G. Weinberg

Patti Weinberg

Patti G. Weinberg, RPA, MPS

Vice President, Medicaid/State Healthcare Assessment Programs

Ms. Weinberg, Vice President, Medicaid/State Healthcare Assessment Programs, has been with IPRO for over ten years and currently is responsible for utilization review and external quality review activities specific to New York State Medicaid review as well as for several state fee-for-service contracts. The Medicaid contract covers reviews at all New York State facilities which bill for fee-for-service care, for a total of over 160,000 reviews per year. She is also responsible for the NYS Department of Health AIMS contract, a program which assesses the health and medical care of persons with HIV/AIDS, and the Early Intervention Review Program, which assesses services provided to developmentally delayed children 0-3 years of age. Ms. Weinberg brings both clinical and administrative experience to IPRO. Her skills enabled her to act on an interim basis as the Associate Regional Administrator for Beneficiaries, Health Plans, and Providers for the CMS (formerly HCFA) New York Regional Office from June through October 1998.

She is also responsible for special projects which are done at the request of the NYS Department of Health to assist them in gathering information as it pertains to quality of care and/or program/data validation. Some examples include:

  • Quality reviews of free standing ambulatory surgery sites
  • Validation of the NYS Department of Health adverse patient event reporting data system
  • Validation of the NYS Department of Health cardiac surgery reporting system

Prior to her current position, Ms. Weinberg was a Project Director at the Medical and Health Research Association (MHRA) responsible for the administration of over $100 million in funding which supported 300 direct service, evaluation and planning contracts funded with Ryan White CARE Act Title I for New York City. She has directed the AIDS Initiative of the New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation where she was responsible for the coordination of HIV programs in the 11 New York City municipal hospitals, Diagnostic and Treatment Centers, and chronic care HIV programs. She has spent a significant amount of time providing technical assistance to both facilities and community based providers regarding HIV program management. A registered Physician’s Assistant, Ms. Weinberg began her career in health care as a clinician for the Chemical Dependency program at Beth Israel Medical Center.

Ms. Weinberg was awarded a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey, and the New School for Social Research awarded her a Masters Degree of Professional Studies in Hospital Administration. She also holds a Physician’s Assistant Degree from the United States Public Health Service Hospital of Staten Island.