IPRO’s Board of Directors

The IPRO Board of Directors is composed of up to 20 members representing a variety of healthcare settings and disciplines, as well as individuals with non-healthcare backgrounds. No single profession constitutes a majority of the Board. The Directors are elected annually each June at the IPRO Annual meeting for a term of one-year. Directors are subject to a term limit of six years. Three (3) Directors may serve up to three additional years and ex-officio Directors are not subject to six year term limits. IPRO Directors are eligible to receive $500.00 per meeting (plus $150.00 for travel time over 100 miles one way) and reimbursement for travel expenses in accordance with Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) and IPRO travel policy.

Carlos Alvarez
Medicare Beneficiary/Consumer Representative

Bill Beighe
Chief Information Officer
Physicians Medical Group of Santa Cruz County

Warren R. Betty, MD Treasurer

Bruce Chernof, MD
The Scan Foundation

William Dolan, MD

John Friedman, MD Vice President

Roy Graham
ESRD Representative

Robert G. Lerner, MD Secretary

Paul F. Macielak, Esq.
New York Health Plan Association

Brian Murray, MD
ESRD Representative

Ronald Paynter, MD

Carol Rodat
New York Policy Director, Paraprofesssional Healthcare Institute

Paul J. Rowland, FACHE
Executive Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer
St. Catherine of Siena Medical Center

Erdal Sarac, MD
ESRD Representative

John Sardelis, Dr.P.H.
Associate Chairperson Health Administration, Professor
Saint Joseph’s College of New York/Consumer Representative

Raymond D. Sweeney
Retired Healthcare Executive

Keith Anthony Taylor
ESRD Representative

Lois Wagh
Medicare Beneficiary/Consumer Representative

Donald A. Winikoff, MD President

Joel Yohai, MD
Retired Healthcare Executive