CDC Anti-Smoking Campaign Gets Personal

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) has launched an aggressive, multi-media anti-tobacco educational campaign. Described as “ground-breaking,” the 12-week Tips From Former Smokers campaign features highly-explicit, first-person videos featuring real-life victims describing the ravages of illnesses caused by smoking, including cancer, heart attack, stroke, asthma and Buerger’s disease. Outreach includes television, radio, highway billboards, magazines, newspapers, theatres and social media. The social media vehicles will include Facebook, Twitter and YouTube-underscoring the goal of direct outreach to young people. The campaign website includes a wealth of educational information, including rotating personal testimonials. The campaign goal is to reduce smoking prevalence to 17% or lower over five years. The Tips from Former Smokers campaign is closely aligned with the Million Hearts initiative. For more information on the CDC campaign, visit To learn more about the Million Hearts initiative, click on the campaign icon located on the IPRO home page at