Diabetes Education Project Improves Quality of Life

Atlantic Quality Innovation Network (AQIN), the IPRO-led Medicare quality improvement network for New York is scoring major gains in recruiting Hispanic and Latino Medicare beneficiaries for Everyone with Diabetes Counts (EDC) workshops in and around New York City. A major facet of this success has been recruitment of seniors in need, via a partnership with the New York City Department for the Aging and its robust network of more than 300 senior centers. AQIN’s EDC program uses the Stanford Diabetes Self-Management Program, which includes 2.5-hour workshops conducted once a week for six weeks. The workshops emphasize peer learning and are facilitated by two trained leaders. The classes cover everything from symptoms management, exercise and healthy eating, to strategies for working more effectively with healthcare providers. In 2014, AQIN graduated over 3,000 Medicare beneficiaries with diabetes from the DSMP program, totaling 6,500 graduates in New York since IPRO began offering the program in 2008. “DSMP empowers Medicare beneficiaries living with diabetes to take an active role in their health, according to Janice Hidalgo, IPRO’s Director of Patient and Family Engagement Programs. “When you see beneficiaries transform and adopt a new attitude towards life, you can’t help but feel that we are the lucky ones for being part of their journey to a healthier life,” Hidalgo concluded. For more on the EDC program in New York, South Carolina and the District of Columbia, visit http://atlanticquality.org/initiatives/diabetes-self-management.