Diabetes Self-Training Seen As Underused

Researchers at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate that no more than seven percent of recently-diagnosed individuals with diabetes who are privately insured are getting formal self-management training and education. According to Reuters Health, a key CDC researcher who looked at claims data for nearly 100,000 privately-insured adults with diabetes found that less than seven percent of individuals in need were participating in self-training programs. Experts say that claims data underestimate the number of individuals receiving training but that the number remains quite low. They cite barriers including reimbursement issues and restrictions providers face when seeking recognition as trainers. The nation’s network of Quality Innovation Network-Quality Improvement Organizations (QIN-QIOs) are now engaged in a five-year effort that began last August to enroll seniors in Medicare-funded self-management training and education. For more information on that program-called the Everyone with Diabetes Counts Initiative-visit www.qioprogram.org.