IPRO Achieves Performance Milestone

IPRO has received written notice of positive performance under the three-year, Medicare-funded Quality Improvement Organization (QIO) contract that concludes this summer.

In a “27th month” progress letter dated January 29 from Patrick H. Conway, MD, MSc, CMS Deputy Administrator for Innovation and Quality and CMS Chief Medical Officer, the organization is singled out for performance in key areas: protecting beneficiaries on anticoagulant therapy by managing INR ranges at therapeutic levels, improving care transitions by achieving at least a 20% relative improvement rate for readmissions in recruited communities and improving care transitions by achieving at least a 10% relative improvement rate in admission for recruited communities.

“This recognition is most gratifying, and goes to the heart of our organization’s mission,” said IPRO Chief Medical Officer Clare Bradley, MD, MPH. “I commend our entire quality improvement staff for their work under the QIO contract.”