IPRO Database Builders Seek User Input

IPRO’s eServices Department is seeking input on new features it is considering for the hospital quality improvement website it created and recently took over from The Commonwealth Fund. The website, located at whynotthebest.org, examines the performance of 5,723 hospitals in the U.S. on a variety of cost and quality issues and includes tools and resources for quality improvement teams to use to address performance shortcomings. Among the innovations now under consideration are:

  • Member Discussions – threaded conversation forums (“discussion boards”) on various topics for the registered members and staff of WhyNotTheBest. This could facilitate sharing of best practices, discussions around data findings, and help create a community of practice around quality improvement,
  • Live Chat – a capability to allow instant messaging between WhyNotTheBest staff and registered members,
  • Member Profiles – registered members could create professional profiles, share reports, bookmark other members’ reports, and list which measures or improvement activities they’re working on,
  • Clinical Data Dashboard & Registry – automated extraction of pertinent measure data directly from an electronic health record/electronic medical record into a secure clinical data measures dashboard, useful for disease registries, quality management and reporting. This could also be used for regulatory reporting requirements,
  • Personalized Measure Tracker – a simple application that allows users to create measures, track personal data, and invite other registered members to collaborate on the same measure(s). Automatic run charts would be included. This could be used to track individual quality improvement activities at specific locations,
  • High-Level Data Summaries/Visualizations – user-friendly high-level visualizations of WhyNotTheBest data analyses (full data range only, not individual providers). This would provide summary statistical information regarding each data measure currently published on WhyNotTheBest, such as range, confidence intervals, national averages, and overall trending.

The complete survey tool is available at https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/WSFGRHJ. In addition, the IPRO eServices team can be reached at support@ipro.us.