IPRO Joins National Payment Project

IPRO has been chosen to work on an important new federal project that could have major ramifications for how healthcare services are paid for in the future. Currently, most services are reimbursed individually, on a unit-by-unit basis that is often criticized as costly and inefficient. Under a national contract won by a multi-state team put together by Massachusetts-based Brandeis University, experts will organize services into larger episodes of care—with the goal of recognizing and rewarding those providers who can deliver high value services. IPRO was chosen by the Brandeis team to help translate clinical logic into a functioning Patient Centered Episode of Care System (PACES), as well as to work on important software documentation activities. While this four-year contract from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services will initially focus on its use to power the CMS physician value modifier, bundled payment demos, and physician resource use reporting, experts believe that PACES could have a major affect on how other public and private payers reimburse a wide range of healthcare services.