IPRO Supports Medicaid Fraud Recoveries

IPRO’s identification of wasteful and fraudulent services billed to Medicaid in New York is resulting in substantial recoveries, under an innovative State and County-based demonstration program. Under the twelve-county pilot that began in 2006, local governments share in net savings resulting from audits and investigations undertaken in collaboration with New York State. In Westchester County, where IPRO is the County-designated Medicaid oversight auditor, total federal, state and local recoveries are well over $3.4 million since the program began. “Westchester County’s commitment to this Demonstration program has begun to pay dividends for taxpayers,” according to New York State Association of Counties Executive Director Stephen J. Acquario. “It will continue to prevent waste and abuse in the Medicaid Program and save money for Westchester County taxpayers.” According to New York State Medicaid Inspector General James G. Sheehan: “This kind of cooperation helps the state to protect the integrity of the Medicaid program so that funds are available for those in need.”