IPRO Taking Over Major Hospital Database

IPRO is taking over a major online resource for measuring the performance of 5,723 hospitals in the U.S. Created by IPRO in 2008 for The Commonwealth Fund, the WhyNotTheBest.org resource has been used by tens of thousands of health care professionals to compare hospital performance and to access improvement tools. Effective January 2015, The Commonwealth Fund is transferring ownership and management of WhyNotTheBest.org to IPRO. “IPRO has been an outstanding partner in acquiring and vetting data, hosting the site, and providing technical assistance to users,” according to David Blumenthal, M.D, President of The Commonwealth Fund. “IPRO helped us test a theory: that making hospital performance data readily available and easy to use could both facilitate and spur efforts to improve U.S. health care. That experiment has been a success.” According to IPRO’s Chief Executive Officer Theodore O. Will: “For all who rely on WhyNotTheBest.org for quarterly data updates, benchmarking, and tracking trends, nothing will change. The site will continue to be freely available to all.” Starting in 2015, users will begin to receive email alerts announcing when new data are available from IPRO, instead of from The Commonwealth Fund. Users are urged to add wntb-support@ipro.us to address books, and send any questions to wntb-support@ipro.us.  WhyNotTheBest.org is recognized as a “Health Data All Star” in a directory of 50 prominent domestic resources for health data at the federal, state and local levels. The directory was compiled by the Washington DC-based Health Data Consortium (www.healthdataconsortium.org), with input from leading researchers, government officials, entrepreneurs and consumer advocates.