IPRO Tools Garner National Attention

Two drug safety tools developed by IPRO quality improvement experts are drawing national attention. The Managing Anticoagulation in the Peri-procedural Period (MAP) tool for hospitals helps clinicians determine when to stop the use of warfarin before surgeries and other invasive procedures. IPRO’s Anticoagulation Discharge Communication (AC-DC) audit tool is used across care settings to maximize communications regarding anti-coagulation drug use among patients who are discharged or transferred from one setting to another. The tools were developed by IPRO’s drug safety team, under the leadership of Senior Director Darren Triller, PharmD. They’re featured in a recent edition of QIO News, a national newsletter distributed by the U.S. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. Both documents are available at http://atlanticquality.org/initiatives/drug-safety-ny.