IPRO Will Promote Surgery Management Tool

IPRO has been awarded special federal funding to promote the use of a surgical management tool it recently converted from a paper-based format to a mobile application. The free, smart phone application and online tool developed by an IPRO-led coalition enables clinicians to easily determine whether, when, and how to stop and restart the use of warfarin and oral anticoagulants during elective surgery and other invasive procedures. Intuitively organized, the Management of Anticoagulation in the Peri-Procedural Period, or MAPPP app, provides individualized patient guidance for management of anticoagulant medications based on patient thrombosis (blood clot) risk and specific procedural bleeding risk. The tool is currently available on the Apple App Store and on Google Play for Androids. Under a new, two-year award from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, IPRO and its Atlantic Quality Innovation Network will educate physicians and provider staff on the MAPPP app, promote its integration into clinical decision support (CDS) at selected healthcare systems and develop a process for incorporating the app into electronic health record CDS across multiple inpatient and outpatient vendor systems. For more information regarding this project, contact Project Director Anne Myrka, RPh, MAT at Phone: (518) 320-3591.