Quality Data Should Include Race – Federal Report

While finding substantial progress in narrowing disparities in quality measure performance across the nation, authors of a new federal report are urging more emphasis on data elements that support analysis on the basis of race and ethnicity. The 2015 National Impact Assessment of CMS Quality Measures Report, released by  CMS in March finds that discrepancies in quality measure performance were “much less pronounced” in 2012 than they were in 2006, although such differences persist across settings and reporting programs. Authors find more narrowing of disparities during this period among Hispanics, Blacks and Asians when compared to national performance data and less narrowing for American Indians/Alaska Natives and Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islanders. Authors argued that standardizing race and ethnicity data collection will improve recognition of disparities and that public reporting will have positive impact on transparency and the effort to decrease disparities. The report, which was prepared by Health Services Advisory Group, Inc., is available at https://www.cms.gov.