Tallon Keynotes IPRO Annual Meeting

“Health Reform for New York and the Nation” is the theme of the keynote address to be presented by James R. Tallon, Jr. at IPRO’s 26th Annual Meeting, to be held June 8th at the LaGuardia Marriott hotel in East Elmhurst, NY. As President of the United Hospital Fund of New York, Tallon heads a nonprofit research and philanthropic organization that is committed to promoting high-quality, patient-centered services that are accessible to all.

Among the Fund’s major achievements are its leadership role in framing New York City’s earliest responses to the AIDS crisis, its pioneering programs to improve end-of-life care and its developing and publishing the influential Blueprint for Universal Health Insurance Coverage in New York. In addition to his leadership position at the nation’s oldest federated charity, Tallon chairs The Commonwealth Fund and the Kaiser Commission on Medicaid and the Uninsured.

He is a member of the Board of the Institute on Medicine as a Profession and the New York eHealth Collaborative. Prior to joining the Fund, Tallon was for 19 years a member of the New York State Assembly, serving as Majority Leader from 1987 to 1993. IPRO’s Annual Meeting includes a complimentary luncheon and a ceremony honoring quality improvement specialists from across the state. Registration is required. To register, visit www.ipro.org/annualmeeting or call Susan Ulmer at (516) 209-5258.