IPRO Achieves Critical Milestone

IPRO has passed a critical 18-month performance evaluation that takes place under the organization’s Quality Improvement Organization (QIO) contract. Each state’s QIO is evaluated by CMS after 18 months (and again after 27 months) of its three-year contract. IPRO’s current QIO contract expires in July, 2014.

In an April 18, 2013 letter from Patrick Conway, MD, MSc, Director of the Centers for Clinical Standards and Quality at the CMS, the organization was recognized for “hard work and dedication to excellence that led to your meeting and, in many cases, surpassing expectations…” Dr. Conway made special reference to the work of IPRO’s Care Transitions Team and the technical support it provides to community coalitions working to prevent unnecessary rehospitalizations of Medicare beneficiaries. “Thank you for sharing your accomplishments, best practices and stories of success from the field,” he said. Dr. Conway’s letter recognizes strong performance in other facets of the QIO contract, including Operating Values, Beneficiary- and Family-Centered Care, Improving Individual Patient Care, Integrating Care for Populations and Communities and Improving Health for Populations and Communities.