IPRO Anticoagulation Tool Now Available

A new, freely available smart phone application and online tool developed by an IPRO-led coalition enables clinicians to easily determine whether, when, and how to stop and restart the use of warfarin and oral anticoagulants during elective surgery and other invasive procedures. Creators of this unique app, known as “MAPPP” (Management of Anticoagulation in the Peri-Procedural Period), believe this is the first time evidence-based guidance on this critical topic has been made available in an easy-to-use smart phone application. Intuitively organized, the MAPPP app provides individualized guidance for management of anticoagulant medications based on patient thrombosis (blood clot) risk and specific procedural bleeding risk. The tool is available at the Apple App Store and on the Android Market. “While the medical literature contains expert guidance for the use of anticoagulants during invasive procedures, to our knowledge there has never been a simplified reference guide to anticoagulant use that clinicians can quickly refer to when planning these procedures,” said Clare B. Bradley MD, MPH, Senior Vice President and Chief Medical Officer, IPRO. “Our task force saw this need, and developed this useful tool.” The Task Force is part of IPRO’s New York State Anticoagulation Coalition, which is co-led by anticoagulation experts Jack E. Ansell, MD, founder of the Anticoagulation Forum, and Elaine M. Hylek, MD, MPH, of Boston University School of Medicine. To use the web-based version or to download the app go to: http://mappp.ipro.org.