IPRO to Support State Oversight of NY Adult Care Services

IPRO will be responsible for supporting State oversight of long-term, mostly nonmedical adult care residential services for New Yorkers unable to live independently, under a new contract with the New York State Department of Health’s Division of Assisted Living. Under New York State law, Adult Care Facilities (ACFs) are defined as certified adult homes or enriched housing programs that provide long-term, residential care and services to five or more adults who are unable or substantially unable to live independently. Such facilities are reimbursed mostly via private pay, private long term care insurance and Supplemental Security Income—Medicare and Medicaid do not routinely reimburse residential (non-medical) costs but may cover the costs associated with Assisted Living Program services. In partnership with the State, IPRO will conduct onsite inspections that include, but are not limited to a review of individualized service plans fire/safety conditions, nutrition, medication and case management services and sanitation. IPRO will also be required to conduct investigations of written and verbal complaints, as well as allegations that unlicensed facilities are attempting to offer services that may require licensure. “We’re very pleased to be undertaking these assessments, which build on our experience evaluating services across the state of New York,” says IPRO Vice President Patti Weinberg. For more information regarding ACF oversight in New York, visit https://www.health.ny.gov/facilities/assisted_living/.