IPRO‘s Sepsis Awareness Training Schedule in Place

IPRO has initiated a federally funded Special Innovation Project to raise awareness of sepsis as a medical emergency across the public and health provider communities – focusing on Albany and Syracuse in New York and the Charleston region of South Carolina. Evidence-based resources, tools and materials have been developed in collaboration with medical, academic and community-based experts as well as sepsis-based patient advocacy organizations. Educational sessions focus on recognition of the early signs and symptoms of sepsis, best practice protocols to ensure timely referrals to the next level of care and improving care transitions between pre-hospital providers and hospital Emergency Departments. Training sessions for non-hospital health care facility staff commenced on February 23rd, 2016 and will continue through May 2016. Ongoing involvement of community based coalitions of health care providers and community stakeholders will support efforts to educate the general public. For more information on the IPRO Community Based Sepsis Initiative and to view the launch webinar, please visit: http://atlanticquality.org/initiatives/sepsis-initiative.